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Patio Repair

Patio Repair, Restoration, and Replacement

Having the right people on the job will make a HUGE difference in the outcome

We specialize in repairing difficult to replace beams and posts on patios and free standing awnings. If you have a large custom built patio or awning that has big pieces of damaged wood in need of replacement you may be told it is time to throw it away and start over. We help clients save the cost of complete replacement by carefully stabilizing the patio cover or awning, removing the necessary beams or posts and putting it all back together while maintaining structural integrity and replacing the dry rot damage beams or posts.

Termite Damaged Wood

Orange County Dry Rot and Patio Repair - To the right we have a post from a patio that has some very bad looking dry rot at the base of it. The customer had us look at their patio with hopes of saving it rather than replacing the whole thing.  They just weren’t ready to spend the money it takes for a brand new patio but they also weren’t happy that the patio looked like it was ready to fall over. Something had to be done. Saving a patio from a complete replacement can be a very difficult and sometimes it is not financially practical. It is much easier to just tear it down and start from scratch but that is not always necessary if you have the right people on the job.  We were able to save the patio by replacing the necessary beams and then painting the whole unit.  This should give them a few more years to save up for us to come out and install a new brand new patio.

Patio Repair
We often take part in building, repairing, and re-roofing patios and patio structures like this. We will not be learning on the job with your project. For Chris and Margerie in Mission Viejo we were able to save them the immediate expense of replacing the whole thing. When I spoke with Chris and Margerie they told me everyone quoted him for new patios. I agreed the patios could be and should be replaced. But, he informed me that they had a budget they had to adhere to. I have done several jobs for them and I agreed to take the challenge of meeting their budget and saving the patio covers from complete replacement. All of the posts had to be changed out and we had to fix the reason for the rotten posts and post brackets. We ended up changing the post hardware that was attached to the floor and we used a wood banding technique at the very bottom of the post to hide the brackets and keep water from getting to the bottom of the post and the post bracket itself. Below are some pictures of how it all came out for them.

Fascia and Beam Replacement

Orange County patio repair  replacement
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dry rot  installation beam

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